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LONDON ASTORIA 19th December 2004

Hawkwind supported by Dumpy's Spacenutz and The Vees

Some extracts from an excellent review of the show by Paul Eaton-Jones

His full review can be found here on Starfarer's Hawkwind Page


"For the next twenty minutes we were treated to a wonderful solo set by Dumpy. I’ve never seen him before and never even heard any of his music. I thought his band played 12-bar rhythm and blues - a good time pub rock band - shows how much I know. With just his guitar, bass synth pedals and a keyboard he played a continuous, uninterrupted piece of music that was a display of space rock that I’ve only seen / heard bettered by Hawkwind themselves. He departed to much cheering and is obviously much loved. "


"Next up was ‘Brainstorm’. Dumpy joined the band for this on guitar (Gibson SG by the looks of it. In his solo spot he’d used a Telecaster or copy of). This was a typical Hawkwind assault on our senses. Audience and band were strobed, the sound was loud, powerful and clear. The lead melody was taken by Dumpy with Dave playing a second lead line underneath. Dumpy’s sound was a little low in the mix and I could only clearly hear what he was playing by watching his hand movements and tying them in with what I was
hearing. Mind you, that distracts from what everyone else is playing! This is a group of musicians right at the top of their game. I noticed that while Alan and Dumpy were ‘duelling’ - matching run for run - Richard was laughing out loud. You don’t do that if you’re not absolutely confident and sure of everybody around you to hit their cues. During the middle of the song things slowed right down and we had the Laurence Olivier recitation of ‘Now Is The Winter Of Our Discontent’ played under ‘Elfin’ from ‘Love In Space’. Then back for the final three minutes or so of the ‘Brainstorm’. All the players made the mad dash for the finishing line driven on by Richard’s booming bass drum sound and crossed it together "


"At this point I have to admit I can’t remember whether they go off again and return or stay on and go into Master Of the Universe! (I’m usually a comprehensive note-taker / observer, sorry). Anyway the next song is ‘Master Of The Universe’ and Dumpy again rejoins the band as do the satyr and fairy. What a tumultuous sound. Again every player is pushing things to the limit. Dave’s and Dumpy’s lead guitars cut through the overall swirling thunder weaving melodic, incisive lines that are utterly magical. All too soon it finishes and Dave walks to the mic to speak the track that now traditionally closes a Hawkwind concert, ‘Welcome To The Future’. Then it’s over.
Tremendous. The band disappear to thunderous applause and the house lights come up. Everyone around me has a wide, beaming smile on their faces; everyone saying that they can’t believe how brilliant the band have been; all the usual comments that follow a show of superb musicianship, exciting sounds, stunning sets, - well you all know the score and have been there before. I’d be prepared to say it’s the best I’ve seen them play in 31 years of live performance "



Manchester Academy 2 20/12/04

I heard this amazing music last night. It was this guy supporting Hawkwind at their Manchester Academy gig. It was mind-blowing stuff. Swirling synthesizers, throbbing bass, insistent drum machines overlaid with some magic guitar playing. And all this performed by one guy alone on the stage! "with his hands and feet". This combination of man and machine worked a treat, producing a hard, driving, mesmerising, psychedelic experience. I was completely knocked out by it.

I didn't know who this person was. Somebody told me its Dumpy, which was a big surprise as I'm not familiar with DRN. I'm into dance music and listen to very little rock music. I'd heard the name before but I ignorantly thought they were just another run of the mill Status Quo copyists. Not so. This was fantastic, really, really terrific! No greater crime than music this good being kept a secret - I do hope that there will be an album of this soon and more gigs.

Thanks again for that magical music - Its nice when you go along to see a band that you already know and they put on a good show, like Hawkwind did in Manchester, but its even better when you catch somebody by chance that you don't know and not really expecting to like and you end up completely enthralled. Cheers!

A great night and some amazing music, Thanks Dumpy!



Dumpy supporting HAWKWIND at Cheltenham Town Hall 23/10/2004

Welcome, you are wel-come ;-)

What an outstanding gig - went way beyond my expectations.

The 'Spacenuts' set embodied everything that I personally have always
enjoyed the most about the Hawkwind sound, namely a solid driving
rhythm overlaid with synth effects and some stunning guitar lurking in
the mix. I remember seeing DRN as support to HW sometime back in the
eighties (?) and that was another outstanding evening. The synergy
between Dumpy's style and that of HW is clear - I would love to hear
more of it, especially as Dave B spends more time on sequencers and
HLL does not appear to be coming back as a full-time member. It seems
to be a match made in heaven, er, space.

Question-Why isn't Dumpy recruited as a full-time member of Hawkwind?- that guy is awesome,
his contribution to "Master of the Universe" when he joined Hawkwind for the encore made it the best I can ever recall.I reckon there will be some very happy fans around as a result of this tour - fantastic effort one and all.

Sonic Attack.

Zaks Friday 2nd August 2002

Dumpy's Rusty Nuts

What an outstanding performance from this 21 year strong band of men.

Once again Zaks customers were treated to an outstanding sound,

DRN seem to go from strength to strength the longer the years go on..

So get on your hogs, and get to their next gig.


It's only Rock 'n' Roll - Review
Dumpy's Rusty Nuts gig at MFN - 17th JULY 2002

Roadie Dave, the accountant!, Johnny 5 and Mick Moonshine all over at MFN for a few beers,a couple of handshakes and a listen to Dumpy's Rusty Nuts,
the place is buzzing, so we take up our usual positions somewhere near the sound desk. There's a lot of people here tonight, first thing you notice is the drum riser, so bloody big you need a step ladder to get on it. Dumpy is a well known figure on the rock scene and we expect nothin' less then a
brilliant night. Straight away Dumpy's talkin' to the crowd and the crowd warm to the band instantly, we were treated to a night of Rock/Boogie blues, an instrumental "this is one Hank Marvin forgot to write " and they showed us that the 3 of them did't just play their instruments, they were masters
at it. " Walking the Dog " (Newky Brown song) and then a stunning version of Peter Green's " Out Of Reach "the classic " Boxhill Biker" and a truly crackin' version of Eddie Cochran's " C'Mon Everybody " it's great stuff, these three guys gave us exactly what we went for, a night we'll remember for a long time to come!


DRN at The Cartoon 24/06/06

read review here

Review: Dumpy's Rusty Nuts at Hotel California 16/2

Dumpy's Rusty Nuts. Brand name. What does it suggest to you?

Biker. Boogie. Bollocks of Dog? My band was on the bill with this lot a few years ago and remember being bamboozled.

And that's what I came to see. I was incredibly disappointed. Instead I saw one of the most accomplished blues guitarists I have seen at the Cali for some time.

Yes we got boogie but it was good boogie (and bad ass) at the same time. Songs like ZZ Top's Tush got the up tempo treatment which was cause celebre in itself.

But in his journey through the blues , Dumpy himself (108) showed what an excellent exponent he was of the Gibson. Oh yes this was no  ee ahh you're all pissed anyway so what the hell? kind of performance.  This was no nonsense stagecraft with a tinge of culture.

My own fave was the 12 minute version of Silver Machine complete with all the Dik Mik shenanigans and Dumpy weaving some of the Brock bits while adding his own take on the Hawkwind standard.

Yes this is biker country so there was that two wheel festival atmosphere to it all with some nice singalong moments involving wee wee. Don't ask. Roll on July's   Rock n' Blues in Derby with the brilliant Glenn Hughes headlining. Good to see some of the Snatch and Tals freaking.  It certainly made me buy more beer and get out more.

While we are on booze, little mention for Forum Fave Vodka Queen alias Nicki whose birthday it was. Happy 21 st Nicki J

Dumpy's Rusty Nuts have been well oiled over the years and that is one fine three-piece unit.


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