Dumpy's Diary of

DRN @ The Venue, Douglas I.O.M.

Friday May 30th 2003



Well where to start!
Our flight from Birmingham to the IOM, was scheduled for 8.30am but it was delayed for two hours - well at least we got a free breakfast out of them!
It's was only a 45min flight on a very cramped but smooth ATP aircraft and Lenny the promoter was there waiting for us with some cans of ale, so that was a good start! As we had some time to kill he asked me what I wanted to do before the sound check, so as we were using all supplied gear, I wanted to check out the amp I was going to use ASAP. It was a Marshall JCM 2000 and after a bit of twiddling with the knobs I got it to sound exactly like my own set up.

Anyway back to what to do with some time to kill. As we were only there for the one show and were flying back the next morning, we wouldn't see any of the TT racing, so I said how about stopping off at The Quarterbridge, which is a very famous pub on the race circuit.

Andy and I had our first of many Newcastle Browns which we would consume over the next few hours.

After guzzling a couple a bottles of Dog and as I had a radio interview booked for 5pm, we headed off to Douglas, calling in at Bushy's marquee just by the ferry terminal. Bushy's are a brewery on the Island and they have their own pub / venue which is closed down now, so they are using this big marquee instead.

As we were walking across the road I clapped eyes on Norman Wisdom.

So we had the photo taken with him, I asked him if he was going to see any of the TT and he said "No I'm only here to meet a bird!"

After meeting Norman we made straight for the bar. As I was tucking into my beer, this young girl who was a Samaritan came up to me and asked me what I was doing there and if I'd ever considered suicide!

I didn't know that they touted for work now - maybe she thought that I needed help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well after a couple a pints of Bushy's fine ale and a swig of 150% proof vodka that this nice Russian chap gave me, it was time to go down for my interview and so we headed off for the Radio Station. The DJ had interviewed me back in the 80s and he already knew quite a bit about me, so after a bit of Dumpy Unplugged and a short plug for the gig, I was off to the Venue to do the sound check (plus a couple a pints of Okells ale to loosen up me larynx!)



After the sound check it was time to go for a bite to eat at the self-service Chinese next door - helped down with a pint of lager (yes I do also like a nice cold pint of lager to wash me scoff down!)
As our stage time was 12.30am and it was still only about 10pm I thought I'd go and have a stroll. I noticed how things had changed over the last 11 years since I was last there. The main thing I noticed was that back in the 80s all the side streets in Douglas used to be jam packed with bikes with hardly any room for cars, but now it's the other way around. I think it's because a lot of the bikers prefer to camp as it's a lot less expensive leaving more cash for Ale!!! 001

After my walk I went into the Venue's front bar where I met up with some old DRN followers like Dave Bonnie from Birkenhead,

(give me a ring Dave).

Dave came over to the Island with me the very first time I played there as support to Motorhead way back in 84. He asked me if I would like a drink!

"Well, eeeeerrrrrrrrrr, yer alright I'll have a shot of JD thank you me old chap!"

Well after the JD and a bottle a Dog, (just to wash the JD down of course) and after embarrassing a few young ladies who I thought were with Dave Bonnie (wrong) it was time to hit the stage, so off I went to the dressing room which by this time was full of the support bands clutter and surprise, surprise a few Pole Dancers getting ready to go on between the bands!

After we had introduced ourselves to the Pole Dancers, we hit the stage and drank - I mean played a blinding 2-hour set to a great crowd who gave us an amazing reception.

Later that morning after only 2 hours of a comatosed sleep and missing breakfast, it was off to catch our return flight back to Birmingham,

which THIS time was delayed for 3 hours because of fog!

As we were on the Island for such a short time it all seems like a dream now, but it was well worth it and I just can't wait to go back next year and live the dream again!




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