A Message from Dumpy December 2006



Hello Folks,


As you might know, we still haven't played any full blown 25th anniversary shows yet so we are now going to be doing them in 2007 starting at the end of March. We will start to post the dates on the website in the New Year.

If you want to be kept up to date please asked to be put on the mailing list.


As far as the Dumpy Fest goes, well I'm still working on that one so please bear with me!


The DRN MySpace is going well & we have quite a few friends now, it's so good to see a lot of our old friends coming out of hiding! I've made quite a few contacts on the gigging front and we could be playing some dates in Scotland next year.


On the merchandise front, we now have DRN shirts & classic CDs on offer including some very special extras like free photos etc with all orders, so please contact the merchandise email link to find out what's available.


Bluezz Intoxicated now have a new line - up & we are starting to get around a bit, still mainly in the Midlands, although we have been booked to play in the Blues bar at The Welsh National Motorcycle Show along with our old mate Stevie.


My acoustic shows have been going down really well so I should be doing a lot more next year & hopefully I'll be getting out a bit more with SpacenutZ


Have a good Xmas & hope to see you on the road!






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