Hello, and welcome to the CYBERDUMP

Dear Friends,

The site has been going now for 6 months and things are improving all the time.Although we have changed over to the new net address, it has still been quite hard for people to find us when surfing
so at the moment we are working on correcting that.We are building up more Links with other sites, which will help to improve the situation so things will get better.
I myself have only been on-line for a couple of months so far, but with tuition I'm getting better every day, and I've just had my phone bill in (shit) well it's all worth it if you want to be part of the cyberock age!
The 20th anniversary tour has been going all right, but we have had a few problems with some of the venues being that although we sent all the posters out, only a few had bothered to mention about the Anniversary on their own venue flyers or even tried to get the local press involved.
It makes me sick when you give a promoter a big juicy carrot like celebrating 20 years and they do F*** all about it, in other words the best gigs were the ones where the promoters put their backs into the publicity, So a special thanks to them.
We only have a few dates left to play at the moment but we are looking to book some more for later in the year and hopefully we will be hitting some of the places we haven't been to on this stretch of the tour like Wales and Scotland.
If you have anything of interest like pictures etc for our archive section or if you have a good story from any gigs you have bin to over the years, then please email them to the site and if they are suitable we will include them.

Although it's been a long time since we have had any new albums out keep checking out the site from time to time as we have some new products in the pipeline.
Anyway thanks for dropping in, I'll speak to ya'all agin soon