A Message from Dumpy March 2008



Hello Folks,

As you should know by now Martin is no longer in DRN although he might return to play the occasional gig now and then.

Pete Surgey who plays with me in Bluezz Intoxicated & Witchfynde has taken Martin's place at the moment & although he has played with me a lot in Bluezz Intoxicated, so far he's only played one gig with DRN at the Hotel California Birkenhead. We all had a great time & so we are looking forward to doing some more gigs with him.

The 25th anniversary shows went well and it was good to see some old & new faces in the audience (but no Jesus at the Underworld) and although we drew the short straw when it came to the weather like a monsoon in Stratford on Avon, & Iron Maiden at Download the same day we played the Underworld, it was very enjoyable.

As far as merchandise goes, we still have the current CDs on special offer and very soon will have some more classic archive CDs & t shirts – so keep your eyes on the website.

If you would like to be kept up to date with what's happening please ask to join the mailing list – if you are already on the mailing list or in the Nut Club but haven't heard from us lately or you've changed your email address then please ask to rejoin.

Very soon we are going to convert some video recordings to DVD, so there will be some available through the merchandise page plus we will be putting some clips on the website & U-Tube. If you haven't already seen them there are clips of DRN on U-Tube “Boxhill Or Bust” & “Hot Lover” from the 80s channel4 show ECT.

The band's name has been mentioned a few times recently. On the first series of Saxondale which is being shown again on the Dave channel Wednesdays 10.20pm and only last week on Planet Rock radio & Rock247online where I'm going to be on the “Muttley's Mayhem” show on Saturday March 29 th 2pm – 5pm... I'm really looking forward to that!

Last year a book about the History of the Reading rock festival by Ian Carroll published through Reynolds & Hearn Ltd was released and DRN have some features in it. Although it was good to be asked to take part in the book, I was quite pissed off when seeing that on Mick Kirton's articles they had got a few facts wrong such as Paul Samson played with us in 86 and not 87 and in 86 we played on the Sunday and not the Saturday!!! (pity they didn't check them out with me first!!!) – anyway the book is still worth getting as there are some great pictures in it. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Reading-Festival-Music-Mud-Mayhem/dp/1905287437

The DRN MySpace is still going well & we have a lot of friends now, so if you haven't seen it or joined yet please do so as you will be amazed at the amount of classic 80s bands there.

Bluezz Intoxicated are doing well & are getting around quite a bit. We played a few bike rallies last year and are doing some more this year.

I'm enjoying playing my acoustic shows & I'd like to do a few more including some (House Concerts) ... so any offers?!!!

As far as SpacenutZ goes, I'm really looking forward to linking up with Alan Davey to play at the Sonic World Festival in July. As you should know by now, as SpacenutZ I play the bass lines myself with my synthesizer but at the Sonic World Festival Alan will playing the bass guitar as well and we will most probably have a drummer instead of my trusty old drum machine!

So all in all there are some exciting things in the pipeline including hopefully a DRN tour in the autumn, so please keep an eye on the website for any updates.

Well that's all for now

Thanks for your continued support.

Cheers, ~~~Dumpy~~~