Dumpy's Rusty Nuts at The Cartoon, Croydon 24th June 2006

A Review

by Mad Karen

Were you there? I couldn't believe my luck. All I did was ask and ... I was back at the Cartoon watching Dumpy as I had done..... Decades before. Then I was a teenager and now "as is said"  life is beginning for me.     F**k the football give me Dumpy's anytime.     Best birthday pressie a girl could ask for! The support group was pretty good.... An Acoustic Dumpy. Something a little mellow to get us in the Dumpy mood and twas the best start ~ Getting two lots of Dumpy for my birthday ... What more could I want from life. The Cartoon was "Buzzing" and it was more than the alcohol although no doubt that helped. Wee wee baby had the usual audience participation, not  really being a swearer I found the evening very therapeutic.... Far from a load of B****cks. Just a little bizarre... Not to mentioned embarrassing... When I was treated to a Dumpy cover of Happy birthday! Last year hubby Gary was a dumpy virgin and now he is a staunch Dumpy fan and Hot Lover is he current fav..... It's kind of appropriate, the Fat F***ER that he is! I bought Tanith, a "DRN" virgin. with me to enjoy the gig with me. She started with a gentle tapping of her fingers but she really enjoyed bouncing to Crosskeys with me! There was a blast from the past when I met up with Alison and her son Chaz, good to meet him.... Next time I'm gonna bring my teenage daughter Tabitha. Introduce Dumpy to  the youth of today and show 'em  how to have a really good time! I thought the evening was coming to an end after Wee Wee Baby, but was surprised when Dumpy invited me on to the stage. I've lost count of the amount of Malibu and coke I had consumed and the idea of "walking" could not even be considered. Thank you to Graham who grabbed me in a fireman's lift and carried me, SCREAMING, to the stage. The brain cells had been give enough alcohol by then. I struggled with the banter for "Cow shit under me wheels" but I got there in the end.... Sorry must to do better next time! So how was the evening? Fan-f**king-tastic ! F**k Surprise birthday party.... I'd go for Dumpy madness anytime!    Thank you for everybody who made it happen:

So let Life begin.... I'm ready! 

Karen Mascoll :-)